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THE AGONIST – ‘Remnants In Time‘ kündigt „Days Before The World Wept“ EP an

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Nach vielen Cover-Versionen und One-Takern vor allem von Frontfrau Vicky Psarakis gibt es nun wieder nagelneues Futter aus dem Hause der kanadischen Melodic Deather THE AGONIST.

Die Single samt imposanten Video trägt den Namen ‚Remnants In Time‘ und die EP „Days Before The World Wept“ kommt am 15. Oktober.

Die Sängerin über ‚Remnants In Time‘ und das beindruckende Video:

„‘Remnants in Time’ is the first chapter in this story. It marks the final moments of a person’s life and the journey that begins right after. We wanted the visuals to strongly reflect the lyrics and the concept behind them, and transforming me into a demon was key in that.

I’m a huge fan of horror/sci-fi and makeup transformations, so working with a professional makeup artist and the use of prosthetics was the coolest part for me! This song – and video – is all about extremes.

Angelic and demonic, fragile and strong, delicate and aggressive. It embodies a lot of what THE AGONIST is about.”

Sie ergänzt zur EP:

“There’s a lot I could say about this EP and its importance to the band, but does it matter? Obviously, this is the part where I tell you these are the best songs we’ve put out to date. Honestly – it’s a journey. You’re either gonna reach the end and want to relive it or you’re not… and that’s okay. Let the music speak for itself.”



01. Remnants In Time
02. Immaculate Deception
03. Resurrection
04. Feast On The Living
05. Days Before The World Wept