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TESTAMENT – GENE HOGLAN verlässt die Band

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TESTAMENT geben heute folgendes Statement heraus, in dem sie die freundschaftliche Trennung von Kultdrummer GENE HOGLAN, der unter anderem schon bei Dark Angel, Death und ungezählten weiteren großen Acts der Szene spielte, bekannt geben. Der Grund für das Ende der zehnjährigen Zusammenarbeit, liegt an den diversen Verpflichtungen GENEs, die sich immer weniger mit den Plänen von TESTAMENT in Einklang bringen ließen. Beide Parteien scheinen friedlich und in Freundschaft auseinander zugehen.


Hier die offizielle Mitteilung von TESTAMENT

“First off, we are beyond grateful to have had Gene Hoglan behind our drum throne for ten years, several albums and countless tour dates. Unfortunately, our brother Gene’s additional tours and solo endeavors in 2022 conflict insurmountably with Testament’s rescheduled dates after two years of lost time due to the pandemic. Rather than Testament having to reschedule upcoming dates (yet again) or Gene having to cancel his own plans, we have decided to amicably part ways. We understand that this announcement will cause some disappointment but rest assured: There is no drama, only the best of vibes between us. As Gene embarks upon a new chapter, we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for bringing the most powerful drum beats to Testament and heavy metal. We have no doubt he will continue to bring it as only he can. Gene Hoglan will always be family and we ask all of you to join us in wishing him only the best of luck going forward!

Also rest assured that we will continue to deliver yet another  top notch addition to Testament and will reveal soon! We will see you all on tour very soon!“


Genes Statement zur Trennung lautet:

„It’s been a great ten years folks, and now it’s time for me to move on from the mighty Testament. It merely comes down to the fact that schedules can be challenging to align for in-demand dudes like yours truly.

  I wish Chuck, Eric, Alex and Stevie D the absolute best of luck as they will continue to crush as always.

  I’m moving into an exciting new chapter of my career and free agency, with all that it will entail.

  I’ll freely admit, I’m psyched. And I’m greatly looking forward to all the new opportunities the coming months and years are looking to bring, and again I wish my friends and family in Testament and their crew a fantastic future and all the best in ‘22 and beyond.

  Thank you gentlemen, for a great ride together.


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