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TERAMAZE – Prog Metaller mit `The Thieves Are Out´ Track und Video

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Die australischen Progressive Metaller TERAMAZE stellendie zweite Single `The Thieves Are Out´ aus ihrem kommenden Longplayer vor. Die Scheibe „Flight Of The Wounded“, auf der auch die erste Auskopplung `Gold´ zu finden sein wird, erscheint dann Anfang Oktober.

Leadsänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter Dean Wells kommentiert den Song ausführlich:

“When we started demoing some ideas for our 10th album (Flight Of The Wounded), I wanted to try something different that had a different vibe from anything we’d done on the last few albums. We ended up jamming out this riff, that sounded like something The Police/Andy Summers would do, but it ended up being in kind of a weird time signature. 15/8 or something?

I knew I didn’t want to write a long winded “soft song” per se, so we “heavied up” the riff and developed the song into something that sounded more honest to the Teramaze sound. It really fits in with the vibe and sound we were going for, for the album as a whole. As usual, fans and new listeners can expect a mixture of progressive metal, rock and our unapologetic love of pop music. I always try to get as many great hooks into a song as possible. Chris and I also took it as an opportunity to have a nice duelling solo shred off in the middle of song, cause why not?”



You can tell me, that you came from nothing

But I’m asking you, if we came from something more

You can hold me to a higher maker

But he’s holding you, and just cant seem to let you go


You can haunt me, like a fire maker

Now he’s haunting you and just cant seem to let you go

You can watch me like, a window maker

But I’m watching you, i just cant seem to let you go


I just can’t seem to let you go


Solo (Wells)


You control me, with the words you’ve spoken

It’s controlling you and you cant seem to let it go

You can hurt me, as you walk tall naked

But I’m watching you, now I’m watching you


To walk the night alone, yeah

I just can’t seem to let you go

Now surrender


Solo (Wells)

Solo (Zoupa)

Solo (Wells)


I’m walking in bare feet, because you were there

I started forgiving surrender the light

I feel I’m pretending

Because I could only ever seem to help you surrender the light…



I just can’t seem to let you go, hey yeah


I’m walking in faith tonight

I’m keeping the faith tonight

But if I refrain, I know I could return, surrender

Never to return against the light