You are currently viewing TERAMAZE – `Easy Lover´ Cover geteilt und Sänger Nathan Peachey kehrt zurück!

TERAMAZE – `Easy Lover´ Cover geteilt und Sänger Nathan Peachey kehrt zurück!

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Die in Melbourne beheimateten australischen Progressive Metaller TERAMAZE veröffentlichen eine Coverversion des Phil Collins/Philip Bailey Hits `Easy Lover´ samt Video und verkünden gleichzeitig die Rückkehr von Nathan Peachey, der als Vokalist bereits auf dem 2015er Album „Her Halo“ zu hören war, und heißen diesen herzlich willkommen zurück. Bis auf Weiteres wird die Gruppe also wieder mit zwei Sängern arbeiten.

Nathan Peachey dazu:

„It started as a random video I heard playing ‘Easy Lover’ and told Dean about. We got hooked on it and both thought would be fun to cover. Working in the studio with Dean again, as well as us doing the music video for the song made us both realise that we have amazing chemistry and work really well together. It was a fairly easy decision to come back into the Teramaze fold.“

Bandgründer, Gitarrist und Sänger Dean Wells erklärt:

„I have always loved this song and thought it would be fun to do something upbeat and light with Nathan. The cover itself turned out great and led to having Nathan join us, once again as a full-time member of the band. Now that we have 2 vocalists, we can cover our whole discography and have another weapon in our arsenal moving forward. We are really excited with the current line up and the addition of Nathan and are looking forward to what the future holds.”