You are currently viewing TEMPLE OF DREAD – `Carnage Ritual` vom nächsten Album „God Of The Godless“

TEMPLE OF DREAD – `Carnage Ritual` vom nächsten Album „God Of The Godless“

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Die norddeutsche Truppe TEMPLE OF DREAD spielt klassischen Death Metal im Sinne von Chuck, Obituary und Co.. Am 04. Oktober veröffentlicht die Band ihren fünften Longplayer „God Of The Godless“, von dem sie heute die erste Auskopplung – `Carnage Ritual`, als Lyricclip vorstellt.

Gitarrist Markus Bünnemeyer:

“Our first single ‘Carnage Ritual’ musically goes back to the beginnings of TEMPLE OF DREAD. No compromises, no experiments – just four minutes full steam ahead! The lyrical content is just as accurate: In Greek mythology, the people of Athens were compelled by King Minos to choose seven young men and seven young women to be offered as sacrificial victims to the monster Minotaur, to be killed in retribution for the death of Minos` son… The lyrics were once again visualized by Ecuadorian director Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media) with great attention to the details of the incredible artwork by Paolo Girardi!“



Carnage Ritual

The shortest straw, seals the fatal lot

Fear of the beast, vicious fate unknots

Board the death ship, journey with no return

Human quarry, release they yearn


Seven eaten


Maze, victual

Carnage ritual


Serpent sperm king, claims blood tribute

Errantry, as the ways volute

Juvenile meat for the bastard beast

Prey ritual a gory feast


Maze, victual

Carnage ritual


Forsaken youth, no way back

Winding paths, lurid death trap

Sacrifices of youth and innocence

Delivered to the beast

No deliverance


Minotaur, Minotaur

Sacrifice Innocence



Half man half beast



Feeding by Innocence


Seven eaten


Maze, victual

Carnage ritual


Perished and lost, know the sad troop’s fate

The roars are heard, retreat too late

Becoming lost, becoming food

Eaten alive, abased, subdued


Carnage Ritual

Carnage Ritual