You are currently viewing TEMPERANCE – Harmonie, Melodie, Epik und Bombast im ‚Pure Life Unfolds‘ Video

TEMPERANCE – Harmonie, Melodie, Epik und Bombast im ‚Pure Life Unfolds‘ Video

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Ihren modernen, bombastischen Sound präsentiert die italienische Melodic Power Metal Band TEMPERANCE mit gleich drei SängerInnen, starken Arrangements und viel Energie.

So auch heute im brandneuen Track ‚Pure Life Unfolds‘ von der kommenden Scheibe „Diamanti“, die am 19. November in den Regalen stehen wird.

Michele Guaitoli (Vocals, Piano) über die neue Single:

“This song is proof that when we work as a team, we are limitless. I wrote this track 2 years ago, and it was a long suite with over 7 minutes of music. When Marco heard it, he saw a completely different potential in it and we started editing and working together. Basically, the intro and the chorus are the only elements that didn’t change if not for some little adjustments, the verses and the overall structure has been re-arranged during our songwriting sessions and the final result is just magic. This track leaves you breathless and makes your heart beating fast from the beginning to the end.“

Marco Pastorino (Vocals, Gitarre) übers Album:

„With Diamanti, we managed to combine our best qualities and selected the best TEMPERANCE songs so far. It’s not our heaviest album, it’s not our fastest work, but surely it’s our favourite one so far! We weren’t necessarily supposed to record a new album only one year after Viridian, but luckily we made it! In this album you will find our trademarks: the vocal harmonies, the catchy melodies, but also epic stuff, strong arrangements, and long tracks – I am very proud of Diamanti and I am convinced we have written a bombastic album!