You are currently viewing Tech Deather FALLUJAH ft. Tori Letzler – `Radiant Ascension` Track-/Videopremiere

Tech Deather FALLUJAH ft. Tori Letzler – `Radiant Ascension` Track-/Videopremiere

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Das US Technical Death Metal Outfit FALLUJAH stellt mit `Radiant Ascension` samt Video den ersten neuen Track vom kommenden Studioalbum vor. Der fünfte Dreher „Empyrean“ des Vierers bestehend aus Songwriter/Gitarrist Scott Carstairs und Compeer/Drummer Andrew Baird sowie den neue Mitgliedern Sänger Kyle Schaefer (Archaeologist) und Bassist Evan Brewer (Ex-Entheos/The Faceless) erscheint am 09. September.

Songwriter/Gitarrist Scott Carstairs führt aus:

“After such an experimental expression [with ‚Undying Light‘], we sat down to write Empyrean completely refreshed and inspired, It was like the musical tension of the last decade had been released, and we were ready to achieve goals the band had originally set out for. Empyrean is truly a return to form because we are doing what comes naturally to us, but with an intensity that we haven’t achieved in the past. We set out to create something that represents the band and its history in its purest form while also pushing our technical abilities further than we have ever gone.

Every Fallujah album has been a reflection of whatever ideas felt the freshest and exciting to us at that particular point in time. We’ve developed our own defined sound over the years, but on this album, our new members helped bring in some new perspectives. We incorporated new elements such as counterpoint and tempo changes but maintained elements integral to the band and even brought back techniques used in older records. At this point, it’s all about elegantly presenting the sound we have cultivated over the last decade.“