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Die Finnen STEVE’N’SEAGULLS haben zusammen mit der ehemaligen Nightwish Sängerin TARJA TURUNEN eine Bluegrass, oder auch Folk Version des Nightwish Songs ‘Sleeping Sun‘ als Video veröffentlicht.

 Die Band schickt folgende Message mit dem Video:

“Here’s a true classic metal ballad that we all remember from the early days of Nightwish. Tarja still manages to stun us all with her voice and presence. We felt like this song could fly back to its origins and to be performed with the sounds of the North Karelia. What a moment to play a song like this that illuminates the beauty of the nature at the verge of the midsummer and finalizes our work on the Seagulls’Nest Season 1. We loved every moment of making this series!“