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TANITH – Old School Outfit streamt `Olympus by Dawn` Video

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New York City Hard Rock und Heavy Metal Trio TANITH hat, nach dem Metallastigen `Snow Tiger`, jetzt den nächsten Song online gestellt. `Olympus by Dawn` klingt da schon entspannter und wartet mit einem 70er Jahre Vibe auf. Das könnte neben dem Songwriting auch der an der traditionellen Aufnahme auf einem 24-Spurgerät liegen.

Gitarrist Russ Tippins (ehemals Satan) sagt:
„I can think of only two other rock bands in the entire world right now that records onto 24-track analog tape. If all you’ve ever known is digitally produced music you really need to listen to Voyage on vinyl and experience the difference. And I’m not talking about vinyl pressed from masters recorded on Pro Tools. At no point from tracking to pressing has any of the music on Voyage been digitized. It will open your eyes.

Über den Song erzählt er noch:
“On ‚Olympus,‘ we were looking for a different dynamic with a clean guitar riff woven around heavy bass and drums. The lyric relates the feeling of performing while sleep-deprived, something we experienced on our last tour. With the video, we were trying to reinforce the feeling of the song with a dream-like vibe. We are thrilled with how both the song and video turned out!“

Das neue Album ”Voyage” könnt ihr euch am 21. April zulegen.