You are currently viewing Symphonic Prog-Death aus Japan: HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD – `Fragments of Memories`

Symphonic Prog-Death aus Japan: HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD – `Fragments of Memories`

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HETEROGENEOUS ANDEAD bieten wirklich keine leichte Kost. Denn das hochtechnische Material des Trios bedient sich in allen erdenklichen Schubladen des Metals und darüber hinaus: Prog, Death, Thrash, Symphonic Metal mit Mezzo-Soprano Vocals und weiblichen Growls werden hier zu einer wohl einzigartigen Legierung zusammengeschmiedet. Das, jetzt veröffentlichte,`Fragments of Memories` ist ein Track vom anstehenden Album „Chaotic Fragments“, dessen Veröffentlichung für den 08. April geplant ist.

Die Band erklärt:

“We’ve released one EP & album so far, so this album will be our third release.
We don’t change the concept and aimed to further improve the level while making it understandable as Heterogeneous Andead music immediately after listening. There are songs with more progressive elements in this album, and we also take on new challenges such as triple time.
It also features more guitar harmonies and the synthesizer’s sound is more emphasized than before. The performance of each part is also more energetic. This album has only 8 songs, but I think that all the songs are good quallity to be the lead track of the album. In this album Yusuke Kiyama worked on mixing / mastering, so all the sounds are our ideals.“