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SYLOSIS – `Poison For The Lost´ Videosingle feiert Premiere

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SYLOSIS liefern die zweite Single von ihrem kommenden, für den 08. September geplanten neuen Langeisen „A Sign Of Things To Come“. `Poison For The Lost´ bietet wie gewohnt ein extremes Feuerwerk aus Metalcore/Deathcore, Death und Groove Metal mit ein wenig Tech/Prog. Viel Spaß!

Die Band stellt fest:

The time has come to finally announce our sixth full-length album, ‘A Sign Of Things To Come’. The new single from that record, ‘Poison For The Lost’ is out now and we hope you enjoy! We wanted to write an album heavier than ever before, for the heavy music lifers out there to hold as their own, and to rediscover our own love for modern metal music.  ‘A Sign Of Things To Come’ will be yours on September 8th and from this point onwards, Sylosis will be more active than ever before.“



You’ve no authority
Just a malignant tongue
You’re not so eloquent
Without the pages you stole from
No messiah
Not fit to serve
The pupil never becomes the master
If they never learn

A self proclaimed healer
Self made cult leader
You can’t fix the broken
If you don’t understand the problem
Sorry state of affairs
Oh god what a mess
Your time is up

What is the intent?
Healing or arrogance?

Poison for the lost
Corruption of trust
Out of your depth
Save your breath
Climb down from your cross
Poison for the lost
Corruption of trust
Can’t remove your ego now
Take off that fucking crown

In the age of the narcissist
We speak with a clenched fist
All the subtly is lost
And your validity stops now.