You are currently viewing SVARTKONST – `Haunt Me` Video vom neuen Album

SVARTKONST – `Haunt Me` Video vom neuen Album

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Das dritte Studioalbum von SVARTKONST, „May the Night Fall“, ist gerade erschienen. Zum Veröffentlichungstermin ging dann auch ein `Haunt Me` Video der schwedischen Blackenend Death Metaller online.


All I wanted. All I needed was an end.
And now it’s over and I still feel indifferent.
The darkness that follows that guides my every breath.
The cold breeze of sorrow as I still remember.

You, haunt me. The memories haunt me.
I still see your face. But the vision fades.
You, haunt me. Memories of what you used to be.

As the night spills. Shadows obsess me.
The memories that stain. The memories of doom.

Neither earth nor flesh did save us. As I saw the fragments dissolving.
The world that’s left behind you Is still my endless wound.
As I see my reflection. Night, come take me too.