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SUNBURST – Prog Metaller teilen `Samaritan` Video zum Albumrelease

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SUNBURST veröffentlichen gerade ihr zweites Album „Manifesto“ auf dem sie beweisen, dass nicht nur Dream Theater erfolgreich Cinematic, Prog Metal mit Eingängigkeit verpaaren können. Den Beweis liefert das Video zur Auskopplung `Samaritan`, zu dem die 2010 gegründete griechische Band auch ein Video produziert hat.





Would you drink from my half empty cup?

Would you eat if I shall share my last bite?

Would you lay down your tired & wounded body?

I feel the weight of the world

The burden on your shoulders


A friend in need is a friend indeed

A brace to carry the day

When life comes to a dead end street

Call out my name


All that we are

A glimpse of light upon the water

No matter how hard we try

Only actions remain

Sometimes good intentions are simply not enough


Child, I am not a god neither a saint

I am no hero

I am just a friend

Someone who stands beside you either way


One man to comfort your soul

Two hands to heal the pain

Three words strong enough to feed the flame


I saw the writings on the walls

Before my eyes, before my eyes a brave new world

Voices echoed in my cloudless mind


Wanderers in a boundless sky

We are drifting away, drifting away

Release yourself and join the new belief