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SUNBOMB (Tracii Guns & Michael Sweet) – Melden sich zurück mit ‘Unbreakable’ Videosingle

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SUNBOMB, das gemeinsame Projekt der beiden Hard Rock Heroen Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns) und Michael Sweet (Stryper) meldet sich am 28. Juni mit ihrem Zweitling „Light Up The Sky“ zurück und veröffentlichen grade den ersten, nach klassischen 80s Metal tönenden ersten Track `Unbreakable` samt Lyricclip. Die Drums auf der neuen Scheibe übernimmt Traciis alter Bandkollege Adam Hamilton.

Michael Sweet hat Folgendes über den Song zu sagen:

„‚Unbreakable‘ is a raw, in-your-face track with a message of perseverance and never giving up. We all walk through the fire and when we do, we come out refined and ‚Unbreakable‘. It’s an honor to be working with Tracii and releasing music that’s powerful and meaningful.“

Und über das Album äußert er:

„I’m always humbled to be a part of a project like this. This album takes the SUNBOMB vision to another level with killer songs and amazing energy. Tracii really delivered on the riffs and it made it very easy for me to come up with melodies that were fitting for each song. It’s different yet familiar at the same time in the best of ways. We’re very fortunate to be working with a label that still believes in the best music in the world – rock!“



(Verse 1)
In shadows of deep
Where demons creep
I found my soul
And a promise to keep
From bitter cold
A fire arose
A phoenix was born Heaven knows

Resurrected from pain
Through thunder and rain
Though scars still remain
I’m unbreakable

(Verse 2)
With shattered dreams
And silent screams
I forged a path
That’s been ripped at the seams
The trials I’ve faced
And battles I’ve faced
A warrior’s heart
Built by grace

Resurrected from pain
Through thunder and rain
My scars still remain
I’m unbreakable


(Verse 3)
I’ll rise from the ashes Unbreakable will
When a hearts been wounded
A soul knows to heal
My tears are my story
The past is my guide
Through pain there is purpose
In darkness I’ll never hide

„Light Up the Sky“ Tracklist:
1. Unbreakable
2. Steel Hearts
3. In Grace (We’ll Find Our Name)
4. Light Up the Sky
5. Rewind
6. Scream Out Loud
7. Winds of Fate
8. Beyond the Odds
9. Reclaim the Light
10. Where We Belong
11. Setting the Sail