You are currently viewing STRIGOI – Neue „beunruhigende“ Video-Single `An Ocean of Blood`

STRIGOI – Neue „beunruhigende“ Video-Single `An Ocean of Blood`

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Die Blackened Death Doom Herrschaften STRIGOI, unter der Führung von Paradise Lost Gitarrist Greg Mackintosh, hat die dritte, wahrhaftig finstere Vorabsingle von „Viscera“ veröffentlicht, das am 30. September erscheinen wird.


STRIGOI erklären zu `An Ocean of Blood`, dem sie selbst die Beschreibung „Unsettling“ (beunruhigend) geben:

„We chose this track as the third single taken from our new album VISCERA due to it’s almost cinematic take on the internal and external conflict of existence. A transformational journey into the bloodshed and horror of the human condition.“

Über das kommende zweite Album erzählen sie:

Chris Casket

“It’s the second album and we’re pushing those limits. The longer songs are longer; the shorter songs are shorter. It’s fully realising the concept. When we did the first album, there were certain expectations as we were coming from Vallenfyre (gemeint ist die gemeinsame Vorgängerband). I felt that it was a really good transition from one to the other. But I feel that with this record, it’s more of a fully fleshed out concept. It’s pushing the light and shade further out.”

Greg Mackintosh:
“The first album was us giving it its own identity separate from Vallenfyre, even though it’s kind of an obvious continuation, in a way. But with Viscera, it’s a combination of pushing the envelope a little bit, making it a bit less raw. Because, we had done that to the Nth degree with Vallenfyre. I’d also say there’s a bit of sound design in there, too, to make it very creepy and, yes, unsettling, sound wise.”