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STRAY GODS (ft. Bob Katsionis) – `Black Horses` vom „Storm The Walls“ Dreher

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STRAY GODS sind die Idee vom griechischen Tausendsassa Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud, Serious Black) und fahren ziemlich traditionelle HM-Geschütze auf. Am 18. März stellt das Quartett sein Debüt „Storm The Walls“ in die Plattenregale, präsentiert heute die zweite Auskopplung `Black Horses` vor und kommentiert wie folgt:

„In this video, we faced a big challenge: while the song is talking about a forthcoming encounter of two armies interrupted by the sudden galloping of some riders on a kind of „evil“ Black Horses, we wanted to do something different from the typical „epic“ videoclips. So, we decided to go for a REAL battle of „Crossbows & Catapults“! This game was a huge success in the early 80s, particularly in our country, Greece, where it still has its enthusiasts and collectors spending insane amounts of money for a boxed version of the game! We had tons of fun, while also striking some deeply nostalgic strings of ours and hopefully of our fans. The rest of the video was filmed in Bob’s very own Sound Symmetry Studio in Athens, GR.“