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STONE WHISKEY – Hardrocker mit ‚Talkin‘ Dirty‘ Single und Video

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Die US-Hardrocker STONE WHISKEY aus North Carolina haben im Mai 2021 ihr Debüt „Rebels Of The Sun“ auf den Markt gebracht. Mit ‚Talkin‘ Dirty‘ legen sie nunmehr die sage und schreibe siebte Auskopplung samt Video vor. Wenn Euch diese gefällt, hört doch auch mal in ‘Livin‘ Wild‘, ‘Feels Like Yesterday‘ und/oder ‚Empty Eyes‚ rein.

Gitarrist Bill Spears sagt:

“This album screams rock ‘n’ roll from start to finish. It’s got all the key ingredients I want in a band… killer vocals, big guitars, catchy hooks and stories delivered with just the right amount of swagger and character.”

Sänger Alan Rueda ergänzt:

“Quarantine really gave us the time to focus on writing songs and recording the album. Being able to work with a producer like Anthony Focx was awesome. He took what we had and made it sound like a rock album should sound.”

Und Bassist Jim Hunter bemerkt:

“This album is made to be played as loud as possible. If you dig albums like Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction and The Cult’s Electric, Rebels Of The Sun just might scratch that rock n roll itch.”