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STILLBIRTH – Veröffentlichen Brutal Death Nummer `Autonomous Eradication`

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Die Hagener Death Metal und Grindcore Five von STILLBIRTH sind bereits seit 1999 unterwegs und haben sich mit ihren todesbleiernen Alben eine ansehnliche Schar an Fans zusammengespielt. Am 07. April 2023 wird der neuste  und achte Streich mit dem Titel  “Homo Deus“ veröffentlicht. Das gnadenlose `Autonomous Eradication` bereitet euch darauf vor.


Über die neue Scheibe berichtet die Band:
The album ‚Homo Deus‘ features 11 songs (44 minutes) and is a much more diverse album than our last releases. You can expect a maximum violent Stillbirth album, but this time we’ll give you a few more seconds to catch your breath in between the songs. Every song got its unique style with razor-sharp guitar riffs, crushing drums and a lot of vocal variety between nasty grunts to ear-splitting highs. To get the maximum brutality into your ears, we worked again with the audio-studio ‚Demigod Recordings‘ for mix and master of the album. Our cover designer Aghy Purakusuma did a superb job on our landscape artwork and we again combined our love for details to hide some Easter eggs in the cover. We can’t wait to hear the opinions of our old and maybe new fans.





  1. The Hunt
  2. Disgraced
  3. Proclaim the Anarchy
  4. Homo Deus
  5. Slaughtered and Disemboweled
  6. Rising From The Ashes
  7. Autonomous Eradication
  8. Seed of Judgement
  9. Descending
  10. Tribunal of Penance
  11. Get Out