You are currently viewing STEEL PANTHER – `1987´ Single samt Video veröffentlicht

STEEL PANTHER – `1987´ Single samt Video veröffentlicht

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Die US Glam Metaller präsentieren die nächste Auskopplung `1987´ von ihren kommenden Scheibe. Die neue STEEL PANTHER Scheibe `On The Prowl´ erscheint am 24. Februar 2023.



Appetite for destruction

Blowing us all away

Poison looking so damned good

I wondered if I was gay

Whitesnake making us bang our heads

In the still of the frickin night

Coverdale banging Tawnie Kitane

And the world all felt just right

1987 I never wanna leave you

when you told me I was in my prime

Why didn’t I believe you?

And the music scene will never be the same

But I didn’t realize that things could get this Lame

Dokken and Lynch were young and hot

They were warriors in a

I couldn’t understand the Loudness dude

But man that guy could scream

Ozzy was on the Crazy Train

biting heads off bats

It was long before the Youtube Trolls

And this bullshit snappy chats

1987 You’re always gonna be the best

Like Fresh Columbian cocaine

Off a 19 year old breast

And the kids these days will never understand

What’s it’s like to play an instrument

And be in a band

Growing out our hair

Gettin high with girls

Cranking Scorpions and Priest

Everyone in leather

There never was a doubt

in any of our minds that pretty soon

Dave and Eddie

were getting back together

1987 where did we go astray?

Back then the friends we had were real

And we saw em every day

And no one once got canceled for the things that they say

1987 will forever be the year

When guys wore more lipstick than girls

And no one seemed to care

And the music that we worshipped will live on

Even after all our heavy metal heroes are gone