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SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE – `The Infection´ Video bringt Brutal Death

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Mexikos (fast) vollständig weiblich besetzte Brutal Death Band SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE stellt ihren Track `The Infection´ im Video vor. Damit verweist die Truppe auf ihr kommendes Studioalbum ”Arkanum”. Die full length Scheibe wird am 12. April veröffentlicht.

SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE kommentieren die anstehende Scheibe so:

„This conceptual album tells the process of a mental detox, talks about an internal struggle to restore your inner self, where your demons surface and everything you believed in is questioned, that moment when you realize that for years you have followed someone else’s lead. You’ve had enough and decide to leave everything behind.It’s about losing yourself by being influenced by someone else and the struggle to wake up from that ‚reality‘. Centering the lyrics in this inner fight with yourself, involving depression, anxiety, mistrust, feeling unfairly judged by everyone and having no help around.“ .“





Where are we standing?

Is this even real?

Voices all around me

Telling me what to feel

Trees became red

The river‘ is full of pain

I can’t be left alone

Begging on my knees

Voices! , go on and on!


Poisoned words

She’s gaining control

Tortured minds

Tricks with every lie


I bleed through my eyes

Where are we standing?