You are currently viewing SPIRIT ADRIFT – Clip zu neuem Song `I Shall Return`

SPIRIT ADRIFT – Clip zu neuem Song `I Shall Return`

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Die Texas Metal Connection SPIRIT ADRIFT  hat ein Lyricvideo zu ihrer neuen Single `I Shall Return` online gestellt. Dass der Anfang des Songs mächtig nach Ozzys `Crazy Train` klingt stört bestimmt keinen und passt ins Gesamtbild der Old School Metal Fans. Das neue SPIRIT ADRIFT Album “Ghost At The Gallows“ ist auf den 18. August 2023 terminiert.




The mountain is the way

Following the eagle

I carry the flame


Night turns into day

Spent my whole life just trying

To find somewhere to stay



Life demands to be

Silence slowly giving way

A river running free


Carving out its fate

My past eroding now

My future taking shape


If I leave, I shall return

No need to grieve, I shall return

Giving back my body to the earth

If I leave, I shall return



Trying to forgive

Forgetting how to die

Learning how to live


Riding on the wind

Everything that’s flying high

One day will descend


And if you’re trying to go home

You have to find it on your own