You are currently viewing SPIRIT ADIRFT – neue Single ’Screaming from Beyond’

SPIRIT ADIRFT – neue Single ’Screaming from Beyond’

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Die US Metaller SPIRIT ADRIFT veröffentlichen ihre letzte Single, bevor am 16. Oktober das neue Album “Enlightened In Eternity” rauskommt.


SPIRIT ADRIFT zum ’Screaming from Beyond’ Clip:

„Once again we have joined forces with our close friend and collaborator Guilherme Henriques to bring our shared vision to life. Screaming From Beyond is about death, loss, grief, mourning, and struggling with the concept of an afterlife or lack thereof. Guilherme inherently understands what Spirit Adrift is trying to convey with our music, and this is our most powerful collaboration to date. This video is mysterious, ominous, tragic, and intense… a perfect visual companion for the song. We hope it resonates with all of you as much as it did with us.“