You are currently viewing SPIRAL GRAVE (Ex- Iron Man) – ‘Nightmare on May Eve (Dunwich pt. 1)’ Clip

SPIRAL GRAVE (Ex- Iron Man) – ‘Nightmare on May Eve (Dunwich pt. 1)’ Clip

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Die Traditions-Doomer IRON MAN kehren als SPIRAL GRAVE zurück, nachdem der ehemalige Sänger Alfred Morris III verstorben ist. „Screaming Mad Dee“ hat jetzt seine Position inne, dazu kommen Iron Louis Strachan am Bass, Mot Waldmann an den Drums  sowie Willy Rivera an der Gitarre. Die neuen Songs seien “heavy as hell, in your face doom” versprechen SPIRAL GRAVE und schicken den Track ‘Nightmare on May Eve (Dunwich pt. 1)’ als Video ins Rennen. Am 16 Juli wirdder Longplyer “Legacy of the Anointed“erscheinen.

Willy Rivera über die Richtung der Band:

„I wanted to step away from the extremity of my former band and get back to writing songs that were heavy but had hooks and a strong vocal presence. For this band, I wanted to draw from bands such as Dio-era Sabbath, Candlemass, Metal Church, Armored Saint, Mountain, UFO and Judas Priest with enough experimentation that would allow us to branch out on future releases. I wanted that to be the template and I found like-minded friends in the surviving members of Iron Man. I’ve known Dee for over a decade and met Lou and Mot from the scene and affiliations and while I knew working with them would bring certain expectations due to the legendary status of Iron Man, I was hopeful in what we could create and had a gut feeling that it would be great. I was very aware of the fact that you only get one shot to make your 1st impression and being that I was writing a lot of the initial ideas, it meant that I had a lot to prove…not to mention, the scrutiny that I may encounter from people who perceived me as somehow trying to replace Al Morris but you can’t replace a legend so you just try to make your own mark. So Spiral Grave is a new band with a debut album that I think will do justice to not only the scene we come from but those who helped pave the way…“