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SPELL – `Ultraviolet` Video der Hypnotic Metaller

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Das Duo SPELL, aus Vancouver mag es opulent, melodisch, 70er-lastig und leicht angeschrägt bis progressiv. Jetzt kündigen sie ihr viertes Album unter dem Titel „Tragic Magic“ an und streamen davon den  `Ultraviolet` als Video.

Multiinstrumentalist Cam Mesmer erzählt über die Auskopplung:

Ultraviolet“ explores the hidden terror of forces that rule us but cannot be perceived or understood. Our world is shaped by powers that the limitations of our physical bodies prevent us from directly encountering. Will we fall victim to the lust for that which cannot be ours, or harness them to fulfil our wildest dreams?

Und fährt fort:

The themes on this album are more concrete, guided by personal experience,“ offers Mesmer. „Tragic Magic‘ has to do with mental illness, ageing, the death of a loved one, the decay of time… this is what ‚tragic magic‘ means to us – loss and tragedy outside of our control, which fundamentally alters our perceived reality. This album is our response to the world as it currently is: music for an ascetic age.

And we couldn’t be happier about the result. The identity of Spell came into sharp focus as it was always intended to be. Music is magic, and Spell is a spell. Fundamentally, it is a forum to make our dreams come true.