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SORCERER – Covern Saxon: ‘Crusader’ Videopremiere

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Die schwedischen Doom Metaller SORCERER haben ja schon einige Coverversionen herausgebracht, von daher passt Saxons Hit ‘Crusader’ wie die berühmte Faust aufs Auge.

Anders Engberg sagt über die NWOBHM Legenden:

For me Saxon, they have always been there, ever since I started listening to heavy metal, and I had the luck to tour with these guys with my old band (Lion’s Share)„.

Auch Drummer Richard Evensand, outet sich als großer Saxon Fan:

It was the first band I started to really follow as a teenager and it still is one of my favorite bands today. For me Saxon equals energy and long tom rolls… in fact more than long tom rolls; mega tom rolls perhaps. Nigel Glockner has really influenced my play as a drummer. You can imagine that I was immediately in favor of making a Sorcerer rendition of „Crusader“. It’s the most powerful song there is on this planet! Peter Hallgren did an excellent job on the arrangement. We hope everyone loves our version as much as we loved making it!