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SONATA ARCTICA – Zurück zum Power Metal: `First In Line`

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Nach zwei Akustikalben kehren SONATA ARCTICA zurück zu ihrem ursprünglichen Sound und präsentieren ihren neuen Power Metal Track `First In Line`, passend zur beginnenden “Nordic Power Metal Titans 2023“ Tour mit Stratovarius und Induction. Das noch namenlose nächste SONATA ARCTICA Album soll im Frühjahr 2024 herauskommen.

Sänger Tony Kakko erklärt:

„This is the first power metal song I wrote for the forthcoming album which is laden with them. The song handles the worry about raising a new generation of people with or rather letting an electronic screen – namely tv, pad or some such – do a big part of raising this generation of human beings. We think that we buy ourselves time with these gadgets, but are these devices the right „nanny“ for our kids or should we maybe slow down a bit, read books, teach that happiness can be and often is something we reach by stopping and letting go of constant stimulation of all our audiovisual senses? In ways, we are flying blindly with these things. Things are advancing too fast in many ways…“