You are currently viewing SOLITARY – `Filtering Hindsight` Video vom kommenden Album

SOLITARY – `Filtering Hindsight` Video vom kommenden Album

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Die eingesessenen UK Thrasher SOLITARY planen ihr Album Nummer fünf, “Embrace The Darkness” für den 23. August. Als Appetizer gibt es das Video zum Song `Filtering Hindsight`, der sich mit der COVID Pandemie und seinen Problemen beschäftigt.

SOLITARYs  Rich Sherrington erklärt:

„‚Filtering Hindsight‘, for me, definitely has a Black Album Metallica vibe about it, which adds a nice depth to the album as a whole. In terms of the words, I came up with the opening line initially – ‚when you look at it now, do you like what you see‘ – and then had to decide on the path the song would follow, what would come next. At the time I was writing, the controversy surrounding ‚Party Gate‘ was all kicking off, so it seemed the perfect topic to tackle given that first line of lyrics and the title I had chosen for the song.“