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SOEN ft. Elisa –` Hollowed` Clip ist online

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Gerade letzte Woche ist das neue Album “Memorial“ erschienen, da legen SOEN ihren Clip zum Power-balladesken Duett mit der italienischen Sängerin Elisa nach, die bereits mit Größen wie wie Muse, Imagine Dragons, Tina Turner und Pavarotti & Friends gearbeitet hat.

Ekelöf erzählt:

“’Hollowed’ is a song about moving away from the place and persons that have been your home. It’s also the first time we ever have had a guest appearance on one of our albums and the turnout was more than successful. Elisa is such a talented singer and she truly made this song reach the emotional intensity that it deserves.”

Schlagzeuger und Mitbergübder der Band Martin Lopez ergänzt:

“The message of the track is powerful and is about whether to make the decision of either leaving behind what once was a perfect harmony but has turned into dissonance, or to just stay there and maybe spend the rest of your life trying to revive something that is already dead.”

Im Oktober könnt ihr SOEN live auf der `Memorial Tour`sehen. Die Tourdates findet ihr hier.




Come to me

Hold me close to your side

‘Cause I still depend on your hurting words


Talk to me

Ease my need to be heard

Choke this flame that is burning our home


Are we strong enough to move on

From this never-ending loneliness?

Will we find the will to find hope?

Will our demons soon be laid to rest?


‘Cause we’re nothing but a shadow

Nothing but a shade

Nothing but a shadow

Nothing but a shade


Promise me

That one day when you’re done

You will cut out this thorn from my heart


Because both of us are searching for a reason

A clue on why we have to carry on

So tell me why it feels like it is treason

To leave our home


‘Cause we’re nothing but a shadow

Nothing but a shade

Nothing but a shadow

Nothing but a shade


Time does nothing but help us heal

Still nothing will ever be as real as the times we had

And that has now left our lives


Photo Credit: Jeremy Saffer