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SOBERNOT – Chilenen thrashen `Smoke Masters (Gimme My Money Back)`

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Die Chilenische Band SOBERNOT thrasht und groovt sich durch ihre neue Videosingle, dass es nur so eine Freude ist. Natürlich gibt es dazu auch ein neues Album. “Destroy” ertscheint am 07. Juli.

Die Band meint:

This album will grab you and won’t leave you ‘til you drop, we tried to have many different rhythms and vibes to pump you in every way, our thrasher side; we include a very powerful ballad; some songs have some nü metal and aggro influences. It’s pretty much an homage to our influences but with our touch of groove and fun. Also, every song is a sing-along, we love to make songs that our audience can yell in our shows alongside us. We try to have a spicy wit in our way to say things so you can have a good time reading the lyrics as well.”