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SLAUGHTERSUN – OS Death-Thrasher mit `Relentless Thelemic`

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New Jerseys Underground Metaller SLAUGHTERSUN veröffentlichen ihre OS Death-Thrash  ` stand alone Single `Relentless Thelemic, die für alle Freunde der alten rüden Sounds zwischen Death und Thrash Metal interessant sein könnte.

Bandgründer Ben Karas kommentiert den Track fast philosophisch:

“’Relentless Thelemic‘ explores the burnout of a metaphysical polytheism; worshipping too many gods and failing to tend to the self. The rituals we all endure to maintain our environment. Our Household. Our community. And where that leaves us when it’s all over.“

Wer den Track sein Eigen nennen will, bekommt ihn über die ofizielle SLAUGHTERSUN Bandcampseite.





If I wait at the gate
Then that’s all
That my polytheistic heart
Can take

You always try to be safe
When I’m trying
To burn through my 3 seances a day

In death
Is where I knead at the breast
until we’re heavy and

Is born of discontent
Then I’m going
To draw salt circles and vent

Green to grey
Covers your tracks
So your shagbark is forgiven
and your garland is painted black

The grimoire gave a warning
Hold silver to your face
Then place your ego in a pit
And if burning all that frankincense
Is reminding you of me
Then quit

Heavy swinging of that sacred axe
Has your rebellion worn thin
And I believe it’s in that moment
You made up your mind to give in

For all the nights when I fail to earn my keep
Stopped pawing your knees
Stopped kissing at your feet
The holy of your ghost rejected my sleep

You’d rather have me sewing the seeds of dissatisfaction
Although I didn’t see
Any of the purpose

You call to god
When it’s time to bleed
Keep the wrong things sacred

You hold your gold
And precious stones
We keep the wrong things sacred