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SLAEGT –‘Deceived By An Amethyst’ bringt Rock für schwarze Seelen

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Die dänischen Black Metaller streamen pünktlich zur Albumveröffentlichung von „Goddess“ den für ihre Verhältnisse sehr melodischen Track  ‘Deceived By An Amethyst’, der irgendwo zwischen Rock mit Punkattitude und Black Metal angesiedelt ist. Im Lyricvideo könnt ihr den Track selbst beurteilen.




The mother

Of all birds

Created a ruse

With cardinal gems

That led the way

Into ancient depths

Filled with

Deceit and neglect


Be careful what you wish for!

It might come true

In the first five minutes

After death


But maybe the lapidary didn’t know

What he was holding in his hands?

The ruby was lying

The sapphire held the truth


There will never be

45 occasions

I will never see

65 jubilees

In a drunken stupor

Under moonshine

The midnight moved her

To lock the shrine


Then purple turned red

It all came true

In the last five minutes

Before breath


Purple mycelium

Abolished the glow

Of blue melancholy

In my soul


Foundations of fortune

Are seldom as they seem


Over the grave of an amethyst

My spirit shall be

Deception was a catalyst

Now I absolve you



But maybe this lapidary doesn’t know

What he is holding in his hands?

The ruby is lying

The sapphire holds the truth.


Titelbild: Peter Troest