You are currently viewing SKULL & CROSSBONES (ex-Stormwitch Member) – `Sungazer` Titeltrack im Video

SKULL & CROSSBONES (ex-Stormwitch Member) – `Sungazer` Titeltrack im Video

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Bevor die traditionell ausgerichtete deutsche Metal Band SKULL & CROSSBONES ihr erstes Album „Sungazer“ am 08. September veröffentlicht, stellt sich die Truppe mit dem Video zum Titeltrack vor. Dabei sind Volker Schmietow, Tobi Kipp, Jürgen „Wanschi“ Wannenwetsch, Marc Oppold und Sänger Tobi Hübner alte Bekannte von Stormwitch.

Die Band erklärt zur Single:

„Sungazer tells a fictional story – A boy hates his father, therefore can not look in the mirror, because he sees his father in there. When he became blind, the hatred in him grew, only the look to the sun and its warmth gave him strength to live on. Only after his father died, the hatred begins to fade. So an invisible force from nature gives him the courage to live. It’s a classic metal song; great choirs; beautiful, memorable melodies, guitar solos to die for.“



  1. Midnight Fyre
  2. Sungazer
  3. Manhunter
  4. The Invisible Man
  5. Tyrant’s Rule
  6. Nature’s Legacy
  7. Inner Self
  8. Live Your Dreams
  9. The Drowned
  10. The Traveller