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SKINNER – `How Many Ways I Can Die` veröffentlicht

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Der umtriebige Sänger Norman Skinner hat mit seiner Soloband SKINNER die neue Single `How Many Ways I Can Die`, vom kommenden Longplayer “The Dark Design“ veröffentlicht. Dass er sich selbst „The Metal Chameleon“ nennt, hat seine Berechtigung, hört man den Track, der sich aus klassischen Heavy Metal Riffs und diversen anderen Spielarten zusammensetzt.

Norman Skinner:

“This was the first piece of music I had received from guitarist Abel III and was one of the 1st few to ultimately be written for the new album. An absolutely rocking track that blends heaviness and melody which is what I was going for when putting this new album together. The song describes the feeling of learning that one was manipulated and ultimately betrayed in a relationship and the crushing feelings that follow.”