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SILENT REVENANTS – Symphonic Folk Metaller schicken `Siren`

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Die deutsche Symphonic Folk Metal Band SILENT REVENANTS veröffentlicht nach `Let The Dragons Fly Forever` den mit leicht arabischen Einflüssen versehenen Track `Siren`.  Der Song entstammt dem zweiten Studioalbum “The Withering Of The Blue Flower“, das am 13. Oktober erscheint.

Die Band um Sängerin Denise erzählt zur Auskopplung:

“Siren is one of our darker and personal songs. The song personifies unforgettable memories as a siren leading to doom with her enticing song. The siren thus stands metaphorically for the past, which not only haunts us but also invites us to dwell in it with bittersweet promises. Accordingly, the sound is both brutal and enticing. I think that almost every person knows such experiences and we all have heard the bittersweet singing of this „siren“.