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SICKSENSE (Vicky Psarakis & Robby J. Fonts) – `Forgotten Days` Video

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Vicky Psarakis von The Agonist und Robby J. Fonts von Stuck Mojo ergeben zusammen die modern groovende Truppe SICKSENSE, bei denen auch Hip Hop -Parts zum Einsatz kommen und muskalische Grenzen schlicht nicht existieren. Am 22. April kommt die gemeinsame „Kings Today“ EP heraus.

Die Frontfrau erzählt über den Song:

“The lyrics to „Forgotten Days“ were written by Rob and reflect a dark period in his life. There’s a conversational tone between two people, with one fighting to pull the other from a deep depression and look to a brighter future together.

I’d like to personally dedicate this song to anyone who has ever felt like they’ve headed down the wrong path. It’s about getting yourself out of a dark place with the help of those closest to you and remembering that you are never alone.”





How many times are you going to

Make me clean up your mess?

I don’t recognize you anymore

Every time you’re depressed

So what’s your latest excuse?

Go medicate yourself

Until you realize there’s nothing left

You throw it all away


I just

I don’t know, what, why?

I see my reflection

But I’m not that guy

Each time that I slip

I just can’t get up

I throw up and I choke

Fuck, I’ve had enough

I can’t take no more

So I drown the pain

Popping pills with my liquor

As I’m shooting up a vein

I dug a hole so deep

It’s looking like a grave

My demons get the best of me

I’m enslaved



Forgotten days have gone by

Too many trials amassed

Just salt your wounds

Your sins will come to pass

Forgotten days have gone by

Too many trials amassed

So live with your scars

Your pain will cease at last


It tears a hole through my skin

It eats away at my soul

Got nothing left to give

My actions leave me unwhole

With my agony

I can’t take another second

This is not who I’m supposed to be


Hush little angel

Don’t you say another word

If you let go of the anger

Your voice surely will be heard

Hasn’t anyone told you it’s darkest before the dawn?

Your troubles will soon be gone

(How do I carry on?)




Your time ain’t up

So take your stand

I’ll show you the way

Just take my hand


Break through

I’m not alone

With you by my side

I won’t face it on my own

This is not what’s meant to be

My vices will not chain me




Cease at last

Oh your pain

Your pain will cease at last