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SHYLMAGOGHNAR – Tech Black mit Atmosphäre: `Follow The River` Video

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Eine Mischung aus Black und zum Teil Progressive Metal, gepaart mit atmosphärischen Elementen. So oder ähnlich lässt sich der Track  `Follow The River` von SHYLMAGOGHNAR dem unbedarften Hörer beschreiben. Dabei gibt die auf ein-Mann-Größe geschrumpfte Band, also Nimblkorg, mit dem heutigen Video die Veröffentlichung des bereits dritten Langeisens bekannt. Unter dem Titel “Convergence“ erscheint die Scheibe, fünf Jahre nach “Transience“. am 10. November dieses Jahres.

Nimblkorg erklärt:

„Dear listeners, friends, family,
Finally I get to break the silence on Shylmagoghnar’s upcoming 3rd album, CONVERGENCE.
On a journey of death, the protagonist awakens in a surreal world. Are the things he is seeing real, or merely the machinations of a dying brain? It doesn’t matter now. All that he knows is that he must follow the river.“




…As the day becomes the night

Torrents of water sing paeans of unnumbered lives

Shattering the sophistry and drowning out the fading sense of I

Underneath a swirling storm of vortices and passing microcosms

Crushing currents grind the path within which flow the ravages of time



Fractured though this world may feel,

All becomes one when observed from the cracks in the seams



How is it that this place feels so familiar?

Contradiction never felt so sublime

Welcoming hearth to what should be a stranger

Why do I feel the scrutiny of billions of eyes?



Where the waves meet with interference

In their wake a pulse is formed

On the crests I see the grimaces

Of a million lives – untold



Nothing left now, only dreams dwell

and the moon murmurs layers of mesmer

In the distance the rivers converge on one point

Where innumerous streams into starlight conjoin


Far beyond

Ancient silence calls

And the undertow whispers my name



At the dawn demesnes break faces

Silvery their brims align

Where the azure ever chases

Crimson hues yet undefiled



I am with sprites which mimic my memories

Tenderly dancing on the cusp of morn

Silent their footfall, candour embracing

Harken familiar inflections of the siren song

Of a vastness which silences all

And every note shakes my cognition

Its verses forever uncoil

and go on

Each stanza formed and then unwritten


All that remains is to follow the river

Wander the path, overcome in times and times before

I long back to flow with its waters so cold



Aria which came forth from a dream

Echoes in this labyrinth surreal

When stretched in time, a single voice may seem

Like the myriad of ghost notes heard within the whir of a river



“Convergence“  Trackliste:

  1. I Hear the Mountain Weep
  2. Follow the River
  3. Threshold
  4. Strata
  5. Gardens of the Erased
  6. Egregore
  7. Infinion
  8. Convergence
  9. The Sea
  10. Becoming