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SHIELD OF WINGS – Symphonic Metaller teilen ‘Crushing Hail’ Video

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Die US Symphonic Metaller SHIELD OF WINGS haben ihre dritte Single ’Crushing Hail’, von ihrer „Unfinished“ Scheibe herausgebracht. Hier könnt ihr den Track als Performance – Lyricvideo sehen.  Der Veröffentlichungstermin für „Unfinished“ ist der 11. Februar.

Gitarrist James Gregor sagt über den Track:
„High energy and full of life, ‚Crushing Hail‘ is the first track of our upcoming album. It sets the stage for the dynamic and emotional journey housed within the rest of Unfinished. So, bang your heads with us as we go forward, unheeding, through the wind and hail!“


In sterquiliniis invenitur


Cutting through the stale fog

The tempest comes as I walk

From a great wind, the mute’s curtain falls

Suddenly the voice of an avalanche calls


From the shade

A forming face roars

Pulling back four horses whipped to quarter

Channeling heart from a time before


Tyrant forced beyond their border

Beyond the walls built by bricks of order

Heeding not the wind nor hail

I cannot stay, I must go forward!


Humbled by primordial madness

Freed from a crushing stasis, the soul is now braver!