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SEVENTH WONDER – zeigen `The Light´ Single und Video

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Die schwedischen Melodic Metaller mit leichter Prog-Schlagseite und Boybandoptik enthüllen die zweite Single vom kommenden Album „The Testament“ (10. Juni). `The Light´ folgt auf die erste Auskopplung `Warriors´.



Do you remember?

We used to swim in the moonlight after dark

Do you remember?

The way the windows broke the light

I still remember

We used to never be scared when we were young

Tell me, do you remember at all


Like a flash in the dark

and my lost winter land is unfrozen

Just a glow from a spark

can ignite a candle bright

Peaceful shine awoken inside


I can fall a thousand times and dance on burning embers

Just a warm embrace, or a touch of grace

A first heartbeat of new life

You can fall a thousand times, as long as you remember

All you need in the end is a long-lost friend

to remind you through the night

That joy is the light


Do you remember?

Us running wild with the wind beneath our wings

Cold snow in December

When we defied the steepest hill

I still remember

Without a care in the world, forever high

I will always remember it all


There was a time when I was lost in darkness

the greatest pain that I have ever felt

In agony and misery I wandered without light

with nothing there to fill the hole inside


There was a night, I saw my eyes deceiving me

Fooling myself

I was a victim of circumstance

But tonight I feel the lies all leaving me

I am breaking free

It’s a choice that you can’t leave to chance


I’m forging my life in the fires awoken inside