You are currently viewing SEVENTH CRYSTAL – Große Melodien im ‘Broken Mirror‘ Video

SEVENTH CRYSTAL – Große Melodien im ‘Broken Mirror‘ Video

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Schwedens SEVENTH CRYSTAL gehören zu der Sorte Power Rockbands, die große achtziger Melodien mit einer passenden modernen Kante versehen können. Das Debütalbum, “Delirium” ist am 14. erschienen und die Fünf schieben ihr Video zu ‘Broken Mirror‘ hinterher.

Die Band selbst beschreibt sich folgendermaßen:

“We would describe the band’s music and sound as an “intelligent” hard rock, but still very melodic. Our songwriting is very varied. We like to write songs in a pop style and then „beef“ them up and make it rock. We’re big admirers of everything from Cheiron Studio and Max Martin to Behemoth and Iron Maiden. So our influences come from a lot of different bands and music. But we kind of end up in the modern hard rock and arena rock sound, since that’s where we have our common roots. When it comes to the songwriting, it is usually one or two of us who write the basic idea. But then each member adds their own touch and flavour and what comes out is the heavy, intriguing and exciting sound of Seventh Crystal!“