You are currently viewing SERENITY – `Spirit In The Flesh´ Livevideo zum „Memoria“ Release

SERENITY – `Spirit In The Flesh´ Livevideo zum „Memoria“ Release

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Die österreichischen Symphonic Power Metaller SERENITY präsentieren zur gestrigen Veröffentlichung ihrer „Memoria“ Livescheibe die zweite Auskopplung `Spirit In The Flesh´ im Videoclip. Es handelt sich jedoch nicht um ein herkömmliches Livealbum, die Songs wurden im teilweise völlig neuen Gewand, mit klassischen Instrumenten und vielen Gästen (Clémentine Delauney, Marco Pastorino, Sascha Paeth, Nicklas Müller, etc.) umgesetzt.

Sänger Georg Neuhauser über `Spirit In The Flesh´:

„The track was originally released on our album Codex Atlanticus, named after the famous work of Leonardo DaVinci, who was our inspiration for the entire album. We wanted to tell the story of his courage to face the wraths of the church against scientists and his strong will to explore the secrets of nature at all risks. The song itself convinces with a strong folk melody that is pointed out even more in the acoustic version. And of course, we are grateful for the support of our longtime friend Niklas Müller (AD INFINITUM) giving the song an energy kick with his drumming.“

SERENITY über „Memoria“:

„After a long time of waiting, we’re excited to finally release our first live album. We still think back to the evening when we performed this very special show at KulturQuartier in Kufstein and we’re so proud we could bottle the unique atmosphere of this night and release it now under the title MEMORIA. Being able to perform this concert in this terrific atmosphere of a theater with so many guests was a really ‘once in a lifetime experience’ and we’re extremely happy to share it now with all of our fans.“



1. In Memoriam
2. United
3. Changing Times
4. Set the World on Fire
5. Broken Dreams
6. Changing Fate
7. Journey’s End
8. Velatum
9. Souls and Sins
10. Coldness Kills
11. Fairytales
12. Legacy of Tudors
13. Spirit in the Flesh
14. Engraved Within
15. In the Name of Scotland
16. Lionheart