You are currently viewing SECRET SPHERE – Power Metaller teilen `Blackened Heartbeat` Video

SECRET SPHERE – Power Metaller teilen `Blackened Heartbeat` Video

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Die italienische Power Metal Unit SECRET SPHERE hat soeben ein Video zu ihrem nächsten Titeltrack `Blackened Heartbeat` veröffentlicht. Das dazugehörige neue Album erscheint am 10 November.



The murderer, the freak one,

the cursed, the refugee,

they all came to me once,

begging for prodigy.

Then I cruised their memories

and felt a new impulse,

sympathy became greed,

I took what I could I stole.


Each bomb, any rush of blood,

every fond depravity,

they all pound within my temples, can’t you feel?

A dose of eager, wicked thoughts,

you know the urge, how much it pulls,

comb a lifetime of contradiction.



Dam up the wave,

embrace the unstable clues that forge you, Heartbeat.

Flooding the mind, inner frustration

prevents you from pure perception.


Juggler blindfolded,

caught in between the life,

the amount of years so wasted,

no miracle can save it.


We must shade a dim twilight,

a pulse, the authentic lifeline,

the most genuine root of what keeps you alive,

give your passion a new chance,

that’s the one step to find yourself in a gloomy world.



No matter the hardship you endure,

the unaccounted for joy you crave,

trust your blackened heartbeat to keep you sane.

Mind and soul elated while they mutually sublimate.