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SECRET RULE legen mit zweiter Single ‚Black Swan‘ nach

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Die italienischen „Symphoniker“ SECRET RULE präsentieren mit ‚Black Swan‘ die zweite Vorab-Single von ihrem kommenden siebten Studioalbum inklusive coolem Video. Die neue Scheibe „Mea Culpa“ wird dann Anfang Juni erscheinen.

Das sagt die Band zum Song:

„This song is almost poetry, we worked a lot on the images of the words. In this last year, we think people need to dream. We wanna give them these almost 5 minutes to get up off the ground cutting off reality, blowing away all bad thoughts.“

Und das zum Video:

„For this music video, we wanted something different, unlike anything we’ve ever done, so we decided to realize a little story with 2D animation. It will remind you of a „Tim Burton“ movie, where you could meet strange characters and of course, an impossible love story will end with some sort of sacrifice. It’s a song that will embrace your heart and intertwine with your feelings, leaving you breathless.


Album Tracklist:

1. Blunder
2. A New War
3. Black Swan
4. Born This Way
5. Whore
6. The King Has Fallen
7. Welcome to Hell
8. Lost
9. Mother Earth