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SCREAMER – Neue Video-Single `Kingmaker` veröffentlicht

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SCREAMER stehen für bodenständigen schwedischen Heavy Metal. Heute veröffentlichen der Fünferpack den Titeltrack ihrer nächsten Platte “Kingmaker“ als Single und als Video. Das Erscheinungsdatum des neuen Albums ist der 13. Januar 2023.


Win after win
All consumed in sin
Feeling out of touch and like an enemy

Not of this world
Trying to be heard
Breaking through the walls to reach your destiny


Fight for the cause
Whenever was it lost?
No one else but you can seem to bring it back

Clearing out corruption
A herald of disruption
All that was will crumble under your attack

Counting down the seconds one by one
All the while you have to be strong

Anoints the chosen son
You’re the one

Getting close to victory, an ending to this war
Who had ever thought that you could get this far?
A simple man, the perfect tool
Just go and fight for those
Who are on top, but never more, now you’ll show them all!

[Solo: Dejan Rosić]

Anoints the chosen son
You’re the one

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