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Schweden Death Outfit DAEMONICUS – ‘Reform or Die’ Single

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Die Vier von DAEMONICUS pflegen den death metallischen Göteborg-Sound auch mit der neuen Auskopplung ‘Reform or Die’. Am 20. August wird dann ihr drittes Studioalbum, unter dem Titel “Eschaton“ erscheinen und Anhänger der Old School Schweden Klänge um ein weiteres Angebot bereichern.

Die Band erklärt:

„‚Reform Or Die‘ is the second song in order on the album „Eschaton“ and conviniently enough also the second single from said album. It picks up where the previous single (To Poison Everything) left off and continues to carry the story forward,“ the band comments. „The main theme on this one is about religions reluctance and absolute unacceptence of other peoples cultures and way of life. The unavoidable outcome being a mandatory conversion in order to whorship the „right“ God. The choice given is simply reform or die! Musically this gem is a true mid-tempo, old school death metal tune with a lot of melodies to top it off.“



  1. To Poison Everything
  2. Reform Or Die
  3. The Double Edged Sword
  4. Heretic Trials
  5. The Grand Inquisitor
  6. Sacred And Secular
  7. You Know My Name
  8. Fate Sealed By Faith
  9. Termination