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SCHANDMAUL – `Das Gerücht´ Track- und Videopremiere

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Bereits die vierte Auskopplung aus ihrem neuen am 10. Juni anstehenden Longplayer „Knüppel aus dem Sack“ präsentieren die deutschen Folk Metaller SCHANDMAUL heute mit `Das Gerücht´ in der Videopremiere. Neben dem Titelsong waren bisher schon `Niamh´ und die `Königsgarde´ erschienen.


LYRICS in English:

The Rumor,

you find me in dark corners

where I manage to hide.

I emerge when one whispers,

when one gossips or blasphemes.


I’m in pubs and taverns,

hard to get away from the regulars‘ table

and when people are intoxicated

They start to listen and then want even more.


In your head I get stuck,

stay with you, if you let me.

sneak into your thoughts,

quickly shake your world view.


Am more attractive than the truth,

nurture me and give me time,

Then I’ll grow fast and reproduce myself

with every careless word.


Refrain: I stay in the dark, shun the light

I swear you can’t see me!

Am a plague, am poison,

Am an unholy breed:

Am the rumor!


I sow doubt, sow discord,

am the one who breaks everything.

Against unity and peace,

there’s a plan to be made.


I am agitator, denunciator,

new enemies the country needs.

I am a master of the infatuation,

am the seed of every conspiracy.


Everyone has a sore spot,

falls to me one day,

You too, dear friend – take good care –

will soon fall to me, be aware!