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SCARS OF ATROPHY – OS Wüstenthrasher zeigen `Nations Divide` Video

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Arizonas altehrwürdige Thrashformation SCARS OF ATROPHY (ehemals Atrophy) haben zum Titelsong ihrer ”Nations Divide“ EP veröffentlicht. Die im Sommer erschienene EP markiert das erste Lebenszeichen seit 1990 „Violent By Nature“ herauskam. Derzeit arbeitet die Band an einem neuen Album.

Die Band kommentiert:

“Our yet-to-be-titled forthcoming album still needs tweaking and a hint of flavoring here and there and will be a greater representation of our EP ‚Nations Divide“. All songs on the EP will be on the album as well. Musically, the songs are all hard-hitting with our signature tempo and riffage. Definitely an aggressive approach with the thunderous double bass of veteran thrash drummer, Tim Kelly. The album will also have new tracks, Purge, Burn the Veil, and A Trophy Kill, which are currently being played live.“