You are currently viewing SCARLETH – ‘Pain Is My Name’ (feat. Within Temptation – Ruud Jolie) Video

SCARLETH – ‘Pain Is My Name’ (feat. Within Temptation – Ruud Jolie) Video

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Die modern, melodic Symphonic Band SCARLETH bringt reichlich spät ihre dritte Single vom noch aktuellen Album “Vortex“ (2019) als Video raus. Der Song wartet mit einem Gastauftritt von Within Temptations Ruud Jolie, der ein Gitarrensolo beisteuert.



I don’t wanna live

In my childhood dream

I’m not a princess anymore

No white horse to ride

No unicorn to greet me


But my tears are made of diamonds

Shiny things that make me fight

It’s my chance to take a ride on


Shopping spree and nights of dancing

New attempt to start romance

Trying to forget

Your poison love


No one to blame

For a ‚yes‘ instead of a ’no‘

A brief glimpse of love

That has set me aflame

Pain is my name

I try to follow my own way

But gold cannot buy

My old life and happy days


Running from your past

Is a huge mistake

The race to lose, the glass to break

Find your way to sail, to fly, to find

A new love


I will fight and go on !


My tears will no more

Pay for life lost in a windstorm

I’ve just had enough

And I see that I’m right


Pain is over

I’ll never cry

Love and passion

Nothing can buy