You are currently viewing SCARLET AURA – Heavy Metal auf Rumänsich: `Rock în Sange și Voință`

SCARLET AURA – Heavy Metal auf Rumänsich: `Rock în Sange și Voință`

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Die rumänische Band SCARLET AURA is musikalisch recht wandelbar und schwankt zwischen Hard Rock und echten Heavy Metal Sounds, wie beispielsweise zuletzt bei `Fire All Weapons`,  ihrer Zusammenarbeit mit Primal Fear Sänger Ralf Scheepers. Jetzt veröffentlicht die Band ihren ersten Song in ihrer Muttersprache: `Rock în Sange și Voință` (`Rock in Blood and Will”), der auch mit ungewohnten Vocalklang glasklaren und druckvollen Heavy Metal  bringt. „Horns Up!“

Gitarrist Mihai Danciulescu:

„Rock in Blood and Will” is not just a song, but represents entirely who we are today. It’s been almost 20 years of music and searches for each of us, members of the Scarlet Aura band. Music is not something we do, it’s something we are, and so today, through our self-education in music, we are shaped by rock and willpower. You can only reach excellence if you have an iron will, if you take responsibility for what you have chosen to do, and especially if you want to evolve, to become better, to be ambitious and have faith in the day to come, in the colleagues next to you on stage, or in the audience for whom you write, sing, and live music. It’s amazing how we found each other with Costi Azoitei that inspired us in making a song about metal and tattoos and how this became the start of our future album and also an amazingly beautiful collaboration with him that ended with him making especially for us this extraordinary album artwork. We are a community, we artists and musicians, and today, through this song, we are happy to bring added value to it by singing out loud about our world, about tattoo artists and tattoos. Unity, trust, and being there for each other is the message that our song wants to convey, a message that is so much needed today, everywhere in the world, but especially in our world of music and fine arts.“