You are currently viewing SCAR SYMMETRY – Neuer Track `Scorched Quadrant` im Sci-Fi Video

SCAR SYMMETRY – Neuer Track `Scorched Quadrant` im Sci-Fi Video

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Neun Jahre sind seit “The Singularity Trilogy – Phase I Neohumanity“ vergangen und SCAR SYMMETRY legt an diesem Wochenende `Scorched Quadrant` , den ersten neuen Song als aufwendig produziertes Science Fiction Video, vor. Das damit verbundene Nachfolgealbum  “The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)” erscheint am 09. Juni

Bandkopf Per Nilsson meint:

„It brings us the utmost pleasure and pride to announce the long-awaited and much-teased ‚Phase II‘ to the world along with its first single! It’s been a long time coming but I’m glad that we went the extra mile to make everything as perfect as we felt it needed to be.

The world is a different place in 2023 than it was in 2014 when ‚Neohumanity‘ was released… We see the rise of AI before our very eyes and while we all look in awe at the wonders it can create it is easy to think of some very disturbing scenarios. In our new album, we once again explore these themes of neohumanity, artificial intelligence and the technological singularity from a dystopian point of view.“






Scorched Quadrant




Digiphrenia Dawn

Hyperborean Plains


A Voyage With Tailed Meteors