You are currently viewing SAXON – Veröffentlichen ‘Carpe Diem’ Video-Single zum neuen Album

SAXON – Veröffentlichen ‘Carpe Diem’ Video-Single zum neuen Album

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Die Birminghamer NWOBHM Legende SAXON gibt die Veröffentlichung des 23. Albums “Carpe Diem“ für den 04. Februar bekannt und streamt auch gleich den Titeltrack als Video:

Sänger Biff Byford verspricht für die neue Scheibe:

“It all starts with the riff, „if the riff speaks to me, then we’re on our way. It’s a very intense album, and that’s all down to the fact that the essence of a great metal song is the riff that starts it, and this album has loads of them.“ und fohrt fort: We want every album we make to go platinum. We never make an album that we don’t expect to be fantastic because there are no laurels around here, and as a band, we’re always trying to do something a little bit new, a little bit daring. I love fast metal like “Princess of the Night” and “20,000 Feet”, and I try and bring that style of Saxon into the music now, but in a more modern style. We don’t sound like an old band on records because we’re not sitting back on our past success, we’re always trying to make a great album.”



  1. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
  2. Age of Steam
  3. The Pilgrimage
  4. Dambusters
  5. Remember the Fallen
  6. Super Nova
  7. Lady In Gray
  8. All for One
  9. Black is the Night
  10. Living On the Limit